The Evening Star Of Golconda

Marco Polo once said: “No country but this (India) produces diamonds. Those which are brought to our part of the world are only the refuse, as it were, of the finer and larger stones. For the flower of the diamonds are all carried to the Great Khan and other kings and princes of the region. In truth they possess all the treasures of the world.” Akbar
Marco Polo lived in a time where India was indeed, the only known source of diamonds in the world. Long before the mines in Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and Canada were found, Indian diamonds reigned supreme. He is still partially correct though – the “flower of the diamonds” come from the famed Golconda region many centuries ago.
The diamonds of Golconda hold a reputation for being the world’s finest diamonds. The term ‘Golconda’ implies a gem of superior luminosity and high transparency, and is associated with the time period of ancient India. Not only do they have a rich historical background, but they have a characteristic that goes beyond the 4 C’s: transparency. This trait gives the diamond a softer, pure look, as the light just seems to pass through it as if it were invisible. In addition to this, the diamonds are also found to have a surface luster with a light softness, making it seem more luminous and striking. Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a 17th century French explorer accurately described these gems to be “pools of crystal water.” To this day, diamonds found in other regions of the world rarely display the degree of transparency that the diamonds from Golconda possess. Evening Star

CrownSome of the most notable diamonds to come out of this region include the 32.24 carat pink Agra diamond, the Hope diamond at the Smithsonian, and the Koh-i-Noor which is part of the British Crown Jewels.

The Evening Star is the embodiment of a Golconda gem. At 39 carats, D color, and VVS1 clarity it is definitely stunning. The name is a term of endearment given by its owner, who often wore it to many evening galas, on a pear-shaped diamond necklace and matching earrings. The owner also owned another Golconda gem that she named ‘The Morning Star’ which adorned her hands on a constant basis.

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