The History Behind The Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is in a shape of a circle, with no beginning or an end, which symbolizes marriage and eternity. In the early days, wedding bands were made of simple iron until the medieval days when the bands were made from gold setting and gem stones. There were three popular gems:

Red Ruby — For the color of the heart.

Blue Sapphire — As it’s the color of the heaven.

Diamond — The word diamond comes from a Greek word ‘adamas’, which mean ‘the unconquerable’. It was the most popular because it represented invincible strength which was perfect for a marriage promise. Another reason why diamonds were so popular was because ancient Greeks believed diamonds were fallen stars from heaven and it gives protection to those who have possession of it.

Wedding bands for both men and women weren’t introduced until the 1300s by the Greek Orthodox Church and didn’t catch on in America until the beginning of World War II. The wedding bands were symbols to remind the soldier that someone was waiting for him at home.

Another interesting fact – Engagement rings and wedding bands are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it is believed that the vein of love ran directly from the heart to the top of this finger. There’s a reason for everything!

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