The Knot’s Same Sex Wedding Survey

WeddingFor the first time, a survey has looked at same-sex couples to see how they are planning their wedding celebrations. It was conducted by The Advocate and, a consumer based website that is one of the best resources for those planning a wedding. The timing couldn’t be any better with the news of the United States Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, after denouncing Prop 8 and DOMA just last week.

How different would the process be for same-sex couples to propose to one another, walk down the aisle, or have a bachelor/bachelorette party? Some of the answers may surprise you, read on to find out.

  • 86% over twice as many same-sex couples pay most of the wedding expense themselves, compared to only 40% of heterosexual couples
  • 58% formally propose to each other, while almost all straight couples do at 91%
  • And only 19% seek permission from the in-laws, compared to 67% of heterosexual couples
  • 40% plan a casual, non-traditional wedding; as opposed to 16% in their heterosexual counterparts
  • 13% have a bachelor/bachelorette party, half as often as heterosexual couples
  • 35% of same-sex couples have one person escorted down the aisle, and 37% walk down together

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