The Malaga The World’s Largest Faceted Citrine

the malagaTo celebrate the beginning of November and Autumn’s beautiful colours, we are featuring ‘The Malaga’, the world’s largest faceted citrine. The sunny yellow stone, named after its host city, is 20,200 carats (8.8 pounds!) and measures 20 X 15 X 10 centimeters.

In 2010, the Malaga was added to the “Special Exhibition Gems” section of Art Natura in Spain, a natural science museum featuring one of the world’s most notable collections of coloured gemstones. The citrine is considered nearly flawless and has a permanent place in the exhibit alongside other gem heavyweights including the 31,000-carat imperial topaz, “Eldorado.”

The rough crystal was discovered in Mina Gerais, Brazil in 1990 but due to the complex nature of the stone and the specialized equipment necessary to cut and polish the citrine, Brazilian gem cutters waited 19 years to shape it.  The results have been spectacular and to date the Malaga has received thousands of visitors across the globe.

Citrine takes its name from citron, the French word for lemon, and can range in color from the warm hues of golden champagne to the deep oranges of Madeira wine.  The colour is the perfect accent for the fall season and Secret Sapphire carries many designs which feature the beautiful gemstone.  Certified gemologist, and jewellery designer Monica Tsao, can help you pick out the perfect piece for your wardrobe. Visit us at 493 Davie Street today and treat yourself!