The “New York Serenade” restored grand piano

pianoA restoration company in North Hollywood restored a piano with more than 100,000 cubic zirconias in the shape of the New York Skyline. The piano is a 1917 American made Steinway and Sons; it was inspired by a jewelry company called Fabergé who created a jeweled egg for the Russian royal family valued at over $1 million. This time they took to working with an old piano to jazz it up!

They call it the “New York Serenade” the piano aims to bring awareness and capture the essence of the Jazz-Age musicians of the 1920’s. It features the skyline on the piano lid with a massive glowing moon; each leg also represents one of the city’s skyscrapers.

Some other dazzling bejeweled depictions are of Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Cotton Club, and Steinway Hall. The illustrations are all done in an Art-Deco style which was popular during the Jazz Age.

Katherine Banyasz, who helped create the piano with her father said, “It was essential for my design to reflect the independent spirit of the roaring 20’s when both jazz and the American dream were rattling the world.”

The piano also comes equipped with new age technology, it has a built in player system, which means it can be set up to play music from any wireless source, from computers and tablets. The makers also developed a trap-work mechanism that makes the pedals and keys self-move!piano

The making of the piano took more than a year to complete, including everything from overlaying, drilling and the hand setting of each 164,000 stones into the piano. It comes with a matching bench that is also set with more than 7,500 cubic zirconias.