The Titanic Comes Back To Life


Jewelry Television (JT) and the Titanic Museum Attraction have teamed up in order to look back on the timeless jewelry collection found on the Titanic voyage 100 years ago. There are 20 pieces in this collection, each of which were named and inspired in honor of passengers who were actually aboard the majestic cruise in 1912.Old Necklace

In April of 1912, the largest movable manmade object known to man (at the time) set sail from Southampton, England and embarked on an ill-fated journey carrying 2,228 passengers. The cruise was of utmost elegance, evident through the pieces of jewelry displayed in this collection.

All of the pieces come with a backstory of the owner and their time on the ship. One story is of Madeline Talmage Force Astor and her husband, who were the most talked about passengers aboard the ship. Not because her husband was the richest man present but because Madeline was one year younger than his 19-year-old son. But Madeline was only interested in showing her extravagant collection of jewelry, her hubby John Jacob Astor IV showered her in.

HeartAnother passenger, Lucile Carter, wife of William Carter was one of the most prominent families in the city. Lucile was fascinated with the ship, and loved the Grand Staircase which she adored to walk down to show off her dresses and jewelry in front of the other women. The Lucile Carter Nobel Heart Necklace outshined many of the other women, and complimented Lucile Carter’s personality perfectly.Diamond Heart

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