Tungsten Wedding Bands

TungstenTungsten, or tungsten carbide (the most common alloy of the few types) is a great choice for a band because it is extremely durable and affordable over other metals commonly used such as gold, platinum, and silver. As a comparison, tungsten carbide is five times stronger than stainless steel. It will hold up against strong pressure, retaining its shape, until enough pressure is applied to break it into pieces. It is also extremely resistant towards scratches and abrasions, making it always look new!

There are three main variations of tungsten available on the jewelry market today; dura tungsten, black tungsten, and white tungsten.

Dura tungsten is quite popular for wedding bands, being the most durable tungsten formula to date. They are formulated with an exclusive patent-pending formula that combines tungsten and titanium. Forged at 1400 degrees centigrade, this mix creates rings that are virtually indestructible, scratch-proof, and significantly lighter than traditional tungsten.

Tungsten Ring

Black tungsten’s rich luxurious color forms from a PVD process that deposits thin layers of color in a high temperature, vacuum environment. Due to the extreme hardness of tungsten carbide, it makes a perfect base metal for physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings. The process permanently changes the surface color of naturally grey tungsten to a deep black, similar to onyx.

White tungsten refers to the coating used on the outside of the natural tungsten – a 95% pure platinum group metal which gives the brilliant white look typical of platinum. The metal is bonded to the tungsten in carefully controlled conditions with a special five-stage bonding process. Both white and black tungsten are a little less durable than natural tungsten, but is a stronger alternative to platinum/white gold and black gold.

Tungsten RingA tungsten wedding band is the perfect choice for the active significant other in your life, since once you put it on you don’t have to worry about it again! Due to the traits of tungsten carbide, it keeps its lustre for a long time – frequently referred to as a “permanent polish”. It does not require the regular maintenance of gold, platinum, or titanium jewelry.

Here at Secret Sapphire luxury jewelry boutique in Yaletown, we carry a wide assortment of Dura Tungsten and White Tungsten bands in stock. If you are interested in getting wedding rings but not sure what to look for, schedule an appointment with us to discuss your options. If you have something particular in mind, we also offer custom made jewelry as well!