Bonn Bons Luxury Charms

CharmFor those who are young and fun or young and fun at heart, Bonn Bons charms are the perfect accessory. Bonn Bons is a play on the French word for candy – “bonbon”. Because there are so many selections of charms and ways to wear them on, they can be made to look casual or dressy; from bold bright colors to charmingly subtle ones.

The more glamorous occasions (or just every day for glamorous girls!) call for Bonn Bons Luxury Charm Collection. This decadent collection features ten elegant charms in shades of rich brown smokey quartz, mother of pearl, and champagne diamonds. As with the rest of the brand’s charms, they are set in sterling silver. The high quality materials in this collection make it a timeless addition to your jewelry wardrobe, and the neutral tones guarantee that it will go with almost any outfit!Charm

They can be worn in bracelet form, linear or drop necklace, and you can even put use one charm to make an elegant cocktail ring. The charms are typically in the $350 range for larger ones, and $200 for smaller charms.

To create a luxury Bonn Bons piece, visit Secret Sapphire in Yaletown at 493 Davie St.