Various uses of Diamonds

diamondA diamond is forever as the old saying goes and its true these durable gems last through jewellery wearing to the extreme heat intensive, and pressurized treatment of some other non-conventional ways that diamonds are used. It has many uses not just for wearing delicately on your finger it is also known as the hardest substance known to man. This precious metal stays intact for many years without getting rusted so it is used in different industries for a variety of things.  Diamonds are coming in news-stands headings with such titles as “Diamonds for the cure, Diamonds building the first Super-Computer, and Diamonds playing an instrumental role in science and biology.” What makes them so useful, durable and functional?

About 20% of diamonds found are used in the jewellery world the other 80% goes to the industry. This includes, cutting tools, polishing hard metal, needles and laboratory instruments.  They are considered valuable in modern scientific experiments, medical treatments, and research methods. These scientists have been studying diamonds at a molecular level for years trying to determine what future advancements the gem might provide.

A team of research scientists in United States and Germany have discovered recently a new use for diamond nanocrystals. The tiny particles can be used in microscopes in order to see something at a single molecule level. This means having the ability to see single atoms and analyze living cells at a level never before achieved. For the technological advancements they can use the stone to create tiny storage space for computer information which could lead in faster and smarter models than today. Since the properties of a diamond serve unique qualities they could also store an entire computers memory of information in a single diamond.

Diamonds are also aiding in the treatment of cancer and malignant tumors. In US researchers have developed a patch studded with small diamond particles as an aid to chemotherapy treatment. The pad is placed over the tumor and the diamonds release chemotherapy drugs into the growth, the gradual release is hoped to avoid ill side effects. The “diamond dust” can be used to kill any remaining cancer cells that might be left in the area.

Diamonds are extensively used in the industrial world as drilling bits, precision cutting, and grinding tools. These diamonds are called industrial grade, or bort diamonds. They are valued for their extreme hardness, resiliency, and heat conductivity. They are able to withstand extreme temperatures making them ideal for cutting, sanding, and polishing also.  Some are also used in the lenses to take photos from the space shuttle!

Whether you wear a diamond on your finger or not diamonds are a huge part of our lives and still have many more advancements to be made. Come into Secret Sapphire in Yaletown to view our selection of diamond engagement rings and more!