Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon TourmalineNow you have probably heard of tourmaline – of which there are a few variants, but there is one subtype of tourmaline that is very unique. It has not just one color, but a combination of three: a medium apple green on the outside, which gradually transcends into a milky white, then finally the deep pink color in the middle. This is known as watermelon tourmaline, because of the resemblance of colors to a cut watermelon.

Tourmalines are true miracles of color. Crystals with only one color are fairly rare, there are usually various different colors and color nuances in one stone. Stones with two or more different, well-formed colors such as the watermelon variety are particularly desirable.

The main deposits of tourmalines are found in Brazil and Africa. But because of its vast range of colors, certain types are found in deposits in other specific areas in the world, in countries like Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Beautiful multi-color tourmalines are particularly well-suited to jewelry of an individual design, as no two stones are the same. Many like the way the stone changes color depending on where the light hits it – you’ll be guaranteed to steal the spotlight!

Margo Morrison jewelry incorporates cut and polished loose gemstones strung together by finely woven silk/nylon threads, so it showcases the gemstones to their finest. At Secret Sapphire in Vancouver, we carry Margo Morrison’s jewelry line, including some that are made with tourmaline. For other stones that are multicolored, look for labradorite (a deep gray, blue, and red mixture) or alexandrite (vivid green and yellow). Come down to 493 Davie St to see more Margo Morrison jewelry!