Ways to Personalize Wedding Rings

RingsWhether you have opted for a classic polished band or one with a complicated design, a personalized touch will be the perfect finish to this very sentimental piece of jewelry.

Many people add matching inscriptions on the insides of the band. It can be an inside joke between the two of you, your wedding date, or sweet nothings that you often whisper to each other. Wedding website TheKnot.com surveyed real brides to see what they had on the inside of their bands:

  • His says “My favorite souvenir”, we met at Disney World    –Brandice
  • My engagement ring has “I will…” and the date of our engagement. Our wedding bands will say “I do…” with our wedding date.    –Dana
  • Mine will say “to infinity” and his will say “and beyond”    –Amanda

Another thing you can do is to add ‘surprise stones’ on the inside of the band. These stones will be very small and set flush inside the band, so you will not feel them at all. They can be the birthstones of you and your partner, or those of your children, your favorite colors, or ones that have spiritual meaning to you: for example, in Indian culture, emeralds possess healing and protective powers for the wearer but only if it touches the skin.

Finally, you can add your own “ID” to your ring in the form of fingerprints! This can be done in the form of engraving on either the inside or the outside of the band. First you will need to create some fingerprint samples, pick the one you like, and let us handle the rest. To engrave fingerprints properly onto a ring requires quite a bit of work as it has to be adapted to the ring’s curvature, so we must create the artwork before starting the process. The end result is a beautifully unique hand-engraved memento of your significant other that you can wear every day.

We have a lot of experience creating beautiful wedding rings here at Secret Sapphire, and will guide you through the entire process with custom made bands to help you create your perfect rings. Ask us about these personalized touches! Call 604 – 558 – 3638 to book an appointment.