White Gold vs. Yellow Gold

GoldGold has always been a popular metal for jewelry, especially for wedding and engagement rings. Both white and yellow gold have a classic look that will never fade. In the recent years there hasn’t been much of a debate between yellow and white gold, as the popular choice has been white gold. However, many people do not know what the difference is between the two other than, of course, their colour.Yellow Gold Ring

There are two things to consider when shopping for gold; karat and colour. The karat indicates the proportion of gold to other metals such as nickel, manganese, copper and zinc. Pure gold is known as 24 karat and is made up 100% of gold. The natural colour of gold is yellow, but you can now find white, rose, red and other coloured gold.

The following are the pros of white and yellow gold:

White Gold: Yellow Gold:
– More durable- Very hard to scratch

– Better displays the diamonds features

– More popular, silvery finished look

– Less expensive- Only requires occasional polishing to retain shine

– Easy to resize

– Considered the classic ring colour

White Gold RingIn the end, it all comes down to preferences with wedding and engagement rings. People often tend to prefer one colour over the other and that will be the deciding factor. Come in to Secret Sapphire at 493 Davie Street to view some of our white gold and yellow gold collection and see which you prefer. Or call us at 604-558-3638 to book an appointment with Monica Tsao, graduate gemologist and co-founder, to learn more about white and yellow gold and help you make this tough decision!